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CTO S.A. has the following research equipment:

  1. Station for anti-rolling tanks model tests
  2. Vibration and shock resistance test stand for testing equipment up to 0.5 t in weight with two horizontal and vertical fastening areas dimensioned 0.5 m x 0.5 m
  3. Vibration and shock resistance test stand (also seismic shocks), in three perpendicular directions, for testing equipment up to 5 t in weight, with fastening area 3.4 m x 3.4 m
  4. Attestation test stand for testing flexible coupling with nominal torques of up to 100 kNm
  5. Ship speed and manoeuvrability measurement system consists of the digital recorder operating together with dGPS
  6. Set of field measuring equipment: vibrations, stresses, accelerations, torques and rotational speeds in rotating elements
  7. Fire testing furnace for vertical structures (doors, walls, bulkheads, safes) and for horizontal ones (ceilings, decks)
  8. Conical furnace for material non-combustibility tests
  9. Chamber for material smoke generation testing
  10. Heraeus Votsch salt spray chamber for corrosion tests in salt mist of the following parameters: continuous or periodical spray according to free program, maximal temperature 55°C
  11. Feutron climatic chamber with following operation parameters: temperature from -75°C to 100°C, humidity 10-95%
  12. MARK III Analyser (British Maritime Technology) for coatings roughness tests


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