The offer of the FEM Numerical Analysis Team covers three main areas of activity:

  1. FEM calculations in the field of shipbuilding and offshore
    • Analyses of natural and forced vibrations
    • Global, zonal and local analyses of ship hull strength
    • Analyses of the launching process of the ship
    • Shock resistance analysis of the ship's hull
    • Shock resistance analysis of ship equipment
    • Selection of ship’s structure framings
  2. FEM calculations in other engineering fields
    • Vibration analysis
    • Strength analyses
    • Analysis of seismic resistance
    • Thermal analysis
  3. FEM training
    • General training in issues and theory of strength of ship structures (includingassessment criteria), including FEM applications
    • General training in issues and theory of vibration resistance of ship structures (including assessment criteria), including FEM applications
    • Practical training in the use of engineering tools (FEM software) in numerical

We have modern MSC Software software: MSC Patran, MSC Nastran and the Maestro program dedicated to shipbuilding by Proteus Engineering. We have high-performance computing equipment and experienced staff of FEM Analysts

CTO has been offering computational FEM analyses continuously since the 1980s.


We invite you to take on new engineering challenges together.

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