The design of floating units or ocean engineering structures requires a number of specialist analyses and simulations. The objective of these activities is to provide the designed object with assumed exploitation parameters and to ensure safe work in variable weather conditions at sea.

Our specialists conduct experimental simulation tests of environmental impact on ships, yachts, offshore platforms and a number of other objects in a scale model. Numerical calculations are performed along with experimental model tests.

The results of these tests form the basis for:
- prediction of nautical properties, e.g. resistance, self-propulsion and manoeuvring properties of ships, vessels and other floating objects,
- optimisation of the ship hull in terms of resistance, self-propulsion, manoeuvrability and sea keeping properties,
- the design of drive and rudder systems of ships,
- the design of dynamic positioning systems, anchorage systems and a number of other devices used in the exploitation of ships and offshore objects.

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