Medical engineering is yet another CTO interdisciplinary specialisation, merging together various rapidly developing fundamental and technical sciences. Pioneering new medical engineering equipment is being invented, designed and tested at CTO.

Aortic bioprosthesisWithin the medical engineering, the company focuses on:

  • • Cardiac assist devices - in particular implantable left ventricle assist device (LVAD) with fully levitating, magnetically suspended impeller,
  • • Bio-prostheses aimed for application in human cardiovascular system, in particular aortic valve bio-prosthesis,
  • • devices used in the rehabilitation of sick and disabled people,• laboratory equipment and stands for in-vitro testing in bio-medical engineering,
  • • materials and advanced manufacturing technologies for bio-medical engineering,
  • • numerical simulations of blood flow.

Muscle activity monitoring deviceCTO participated in the Polish Government Programme: „ Polish Artificial Heart” between 2008 – 2012, within which developed an implantable LVAD. This is an axial pump with fully contactless drive and impeller bearing arrangements.

CTO participated also in KARDIO-BNC project co-funded by Polish National Research and Development Centre and coordinated by Gdansk Medical University. The outcome of the project is the innovative aortic valve bio-prosthesis.

CTO developed and implemented portable, personalised muscle activity monitoring device that allows for on-line control of disabled person rehabilitation efficiency. Company conducted also the research programme on miniaturised peak flow meter dedicated for asthma patients, in particular children.


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