On 28th – 30th January, CTO S.A. will host the three-day meeting of the ITTC Committee on Modelling of Environmental Conditions. ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference) is an independent association of hydrodynamics research organizations. The purpose of the committee meeting is to review the procedures and guidelines for conducting model tests in towing tanks and elaborate the Final Report.

Guests from China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States are expected to attend the meeting.

An updating of guidelines for wave, current and wind modeling improves the efficiency of model tests. It finally improves the safety of maritime constructions, among others, ships at sea. The Final Report of the Committee work will be presented at the 29th ITTC conference in Nantes –13th – 18th September, 2020. The first ITTC conference was held in The Hague in 1933.

The model tests of the maritime constructions, such as ships, are conducted by Maritime Advanced Research Centre (CTO S.A.), among others, in the deep-water towing tank and in the Offshore Test Laboratory.



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